Musician • Actor • Empowerment Coach

Julie Caitlin Brown

Singer • Songwriter • Empowerment Coach

“With all my love, I welcome you to my official website, I hope you find something here that resonates with you.”

Julie Caitlin Brown
What’s Your Edge?


I am honored that you have stopped by and hope you find it as fun to learn about what is going on for me, as it is for me to have all of these exciting opportunities to connect with all of you.

Why a website after all these years? Truthfully, it is because so many of you have asked for more information, official information, about my various projects and with new music and having just released the  “Love First and the Artist” audio book the timing just felt right.

My intention is always the same: CONNECTION.

As an Artist first and foremost, I have felt the need to connect with the world on a very basic level, one of relating to each other based on shared experience, mutual respect, and if I am very lucky, perhaps to uplift and inspire those I meet to remembering who they really are, the part of you that is eternal and comes from Love.

With love and gratitude, 




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Love First Blog

What’s Your Edge?

What is your first thought when you wake up? Are you grateful? Happy? Eager? Angry? Afraid? Sad? Many of us have experienced all of these emotions depending on what we are EXPECTING the day to bring.  In “Love First Today”, taken from the books, “Love First”, the goal is to adjust our thoughts to what we would PREFER.  Regardless of how we wake up we always have a choice to continue that first thought if it pleases us,  or to take a few moments to REDIRECT our thoughts by focusing on a NEW IDEA. “Love First Today” will be an interactive blog that invites you to read the IDEA for the day, and then respond with how it affected you and what you learned because of giving yourself the gift of “LOVING YOURSELF FIRST”. By standing in appreciation of all that is and from that place of appreciation flowing that love to others, you will see how your own world improves. Perspective is everything, as you will go wherever you are looking, so, “Where are you looking today?”.  


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