Hello! I know many of you have wondered where I went these past few months. It has been a time of both physical and spiritual change requiring that I step away from social media. Occasionally I have shared something I felt important, but in general I have felt the need to reflect rather than engage.

I have a new vocation, part of the Oneness Academy:

To be a Peacemaker and part of the Ekam World Peace Festival.

I have shared their meditation with you, Soul Sync, and I hope that you have tried it. I will be doing a Facebook live and leading the meditation soon, please watch my Facebook and this blog for details.

Today I will leave you with this: The inner Peace is always there, to connect with it, your desire to be part of the Greater Consciousness must be stronger than your fear of separation. When we enter this Beautiful State of consciousness, feeling connected to All That Is, we understand that our fears are of the fragile ego, not of our soul.

Be gentle with yourself and others, your true power lies within you, it is always there, waiting for you to come home to who you really are.