We Have the Key

One of the first and most astounding realizations in my journey of self awareness was the moment I understood that I had the key to my awakening. It was not outside myself, nor was I at the mercy of someone else who had power over me. The key was my own mind, the thoughts I chose to think, the beliefs I cultivated and fiercely defended. How do you find the key in your mind? Usually you stumble over it many times before you pick it up! The same behaviors ending in the same results, usually quite painful, finally bringing us to our knees and then there it is; a moment of clarity, a moment where all the noise of other people’s opinions and beliefs fall away and you finally ask yourself the existential question: “Why am I here?”

This tiny flicker of awareness that I was creating my life thought by thought, reaction by reaction, led me to ask this question in my early 20’s and seek answers. The journey has been profound and complex, definitely not a straight road, with many a winding curve.

The “Key” for each person is unique because how we became locked in our beliefs is also unique. No one can tell you what the key is exactly, where to begin, but I can tell you this: “You will do what you do till you CAN’T do it anymore.”

Human nature is one of seeking comfort and stability and if we do not have healthy role models of how to achieve this security, our little minds will find some interesting ways to get there. Many of us have suffered greatly on this quest for security. But in the moment your pain and discomfort become too much, in that moment where you KNOW it cannot continue like this, something of our SOUL breaks through the pain and we become willing to entertain just the possibility that maybe there is another way. It is then that we wake up from the nightmare of “stuck thinking” to simply ask, “Why am I here?” And then listen with our soul for the answer. The answer does come, in a book, a friend’s conversation, nature, it can be almost anything, because once you are willing to LISTEN, the question must be answered.

“Today I will open my heart, mind, and soul to the possibility that I hold the key to creating the life I want. It is MY key, my PATH, and I will LISTEN with the commitment to waking up.”