Love First Coaching Method

If there were one theme for Julie Caitlin Brown’s work it would be “connection”.

Whether it is in her music, books, acting, singing, or public speaking, the desire is to remind everyone she encounters of who they REALLY are!

Through audio books, workshops and key note presentations Julie demonstrates how to use that knowledge to achieve not only true abundance, but security and joy in a world that continues to be shaken to its core.


Love First: The Beginning


In this first volume of the series, “Love First” we take a hard look at the definition of love, the Self, our connection to ourselves and others, to re-define the myths of “Love”.  Exploring the emotion of love and how it moves us, the “desire” for love versus the  “needs” of love,  “Love First: The Beginning” takes us back to the appreciation of ourselves and the world around us, allowing us to forgive our own misguided attempts at connection, while learning compassion for those we encounter.  In doing so we create more love, more integrity, and ultimately, enjoy our lives more fully.

Love First and The Artist

“Love First and the Artist” is not just for those who audition for work in the entertainment industry.  Aren’t we ALL auditioning, everyday?  Every sales pitch, meeting, date, presentation, all of these moments are intense, stressful, and usually filled with apprehension.  “Love First and the Artist” is a perspective, technique, attitude, that can be applied to all of these arenas, resulting in a more fulfilling experience for everyone, for you, the people on the other side of that door, your family, and friends.  To walk into any room loving yourself FIRST, and then flowing that love and appreciation to those you are about to meet, creates an opportunity for real connection, and maybe, the job or love of your life.


Love First and Business Workshop

The idea of “Love First and Business” has been met by a look of puzzlement, a smile and sometimes, an outright laugh. To be perceived as “loving” in the business world is often taken as a sign of weakness; being “too nice”, the sign of an easy target.  To Love First is actually a process that takes great strength, personal integrity, commitment and confidence. 
The ideas of Core Values, Competition, Bridging, Compassionately Amused, and the Practice, all allow for Kindness and Respect in the Workplace, Authenticity and Integrity in negotiations, and at the end of the day, greater Clarity, Passion, and Focus, resulting in more Success

In this workshop you will learn how to apply your love of Self and appreciation of others to gain a better understanding of your customer, co-workers, and ultimately, how to increase your “win” column without being afraid to lose.  By connecting with your audience, customer, even the BIG boss, BEFORE you walk into that meeting, you will present your position with grace and ease  because you are no longer using the outcome to define who YOU are.






Rae Hardesty

You know that phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”? In my case, one picture I saw changed my life for the better. It was subtle but had the greatest impact. I am not ashamed to say I suffer from depression from being overweight, but now my journey is letting go and not giving up. You can’t let insecurities define you. You have to feel good about being in your skin. Thanks to “Love First” I found what it meant to love myself. Do I still have bad days? yes, but do I have them as often? HECK NO!!! Finding joy when I have a challenging moment has taught me to be in a better place. To let go of the anger and not to let that anger consume me. I am a work in progress, I think we all are, but thanks to Julie each day I take steps to improve my life. I want to be the best version of me so I can give love and inspire others, but first, it all starts with me. So thanks to a lovely lady and a beautiful picture life is looking up.

I’ve battled eating disorders and depression and self harm my whole life. I grew up acting and hearing how I could “spare a few pounds”… and then I found “Love First” and learned how to better myself through welcoming situations not with defensiveness and hostility but with acceptance and love. I started eliminating people and situations in my life that were undoubtedly toxic- things that had changed my personality and made me someone I didn’t like. It was then that I felt my soul piecing itself back together. Bit by bit I reclaimed myself by being positive and optimistic and I found my happiness returning; which helped me to change my lifestyle. I run and walk and hike daily now. I work out to burn my stress instead of eating. I sleep better… and now, I am over 40 lbs lighter because of it. Love First has changed my life. And I’m so so grateful.

Nicole Sorki

Bernadette Tanner

I simply LOVE the Love First Audiobook  by Julie Caitlin Brown!  It addresses every aspect of relationships providing something for everyone with fresh new ideas and  ways of looking at things, reacting to situations, and solving ‘unsolvable’ problems!  It’s easy to listen to, sprinkled with humor and real life stories to illustrate concepts, and the best feature of all is being able to hear Julie read it!  I kept thinking how happy I was to be listening to this accomplished actress reading this book, instead of just reading it to myself!  Julie adds a dimension to the experience that you surely don’t want to miss!  The combination of her message and her delivery will enlighten, inspire, and delight you, I promise! Thank you, Julie, for sharing your wisdom and talent with all of us!  <3

Julie Caitlin Brown’s Love First and the Artist is not only beneficial but also inspirational to any artist regardless of their creative background. As a photographer just starting out I couldn’t have asked for anything better to listen to. I came across the audio book on the website and after listening to the short clips I was sold; this was exactly what I needed. Love First and the Artist has taught me many things but what has stuck with me is that not everyone is going to like what I do or even agree that my product is any good but that’s okay. I don’t need to make a connection with everyone, I just need to make that RIGHT connection. Learning to lose that fear of getting a NO. You have to risk that NO in order to get your YES. I absolutely love this book and would recommend it to anyone to have a listen, you will not be disappointed.

Danielle Menzies




I have found this page to be incredible uplifting, real, inspiring, motivational, but most of all authentic. It’s always something I look for in mentors or coaches and people who do this type of work like myself. I look for it in everybody I connect with. Those willing to admit flaws, mistakes, and being imperfect. I try to show every angle of myself so people see realness, rather than just all the positive stuff. You see the negative as well. I find everything about this site useful in that way. It is very relatable to me personally in reading love first. I sometimes read them at the exact moment I need to or something I am going through. We need people like this in today’s society. Someone who can delve into lives and touch people through love. Cause even at our best, we have to admit and realize something about ourselves that this site provides through personal experience intertwined with advice. It’s diverse in that way. It covers many arenas that we all go through in life. The beauty and the mess. That’s what I feel people are drawn to. And I will always support you and and your work for these reasons. It is someplace to go and read not just quotes, but the thoughts of a strong woman and an empowering woman who is very straight forward, but always stands up for values, morals, and principles. Like a sanctuary one can say. Truly honored to know such a woman who provides that to so many people… including myself in my own mentoring and activism work with my organization. One of life’s many beauties is about connecting to people that you are drawn to that have the type of heart and authenticity that you want to attract. Thank you for being you and the work that you do, and I am honored to know such an amazing woman such as yourself.

Love First guides us through our lives, no matter our age, no matter our past, a kind of mentor who helps us to go through every step that comes to us. It teaches us how to accept our past and move on. To learn, understand, be open to others, be prepared to seize new opportunities, challenge ourselves, love ourselves first so as to be able to love others… everything that we need to become confident and do great things! A positive spirit for a positive life …

I definitely recommend Love First to everyone and I’m sure it will help you as much as it has helped me to grow up and get ready to face life the right way, knowing that it’s okay to be human, it’s okay to make mistakes, but what we do next is what really matters!


Ed & Kathy Power

Shreveport, LA


Julie, I just wanted to tell you that my Mother passed away last week. She was 82 years old. Kathy and I were driving to the funeral up in Arkansas, and I had your book on CD Love First, the Beginning. Kathy told me to play it. As I listened to it again, it helped me more than you can imagine. On the CD there were some things I knew I had to do. So by the time I got to the funeral, my mind and heart were right. I knew there would be some relatives there that I had problem with.

Julie Caitlin Brown’s seminar “Love First” was one of the most informative sessions that I’ve ever attended. In two short hours, Julie provided a virtual road map of “how to’s” for just about anything that life can toss your way. If you do one good thing for yourself this year, make it a visit with Julie…I guarantee that it will be time well spent!

Lauren Stone

Executive Director, Lake Arrowhead Film Festival



Hi! Guess what? I am starting to catch on to this Love First thing, I think. I’ve been listening to your CD, doing guided deep relaxation every night, I bought a couple of new spiritual books to feed my brain, and I’ve been doing some aromatherapy and bodywork with a gal from school and my whole perspective has shifted! I feel much more loving and tolerant of those around me. Seeing us all as equal beings traveling our individual paths on this planet, each with our own right to make choices and our own lessons to learn. My intention has been to be a sort of quiet observer of the things going on around me but making sure not to get involved. I feel so much more open and today alone I found numerous opportunities to be loving, kind, and supportive, genuinely so. At one point in the day I felt like a mischievous three year old. It felt really, really good since I have been stuck in a place of self-pity, resentment, fear and self-loathing—in short, self-obsessed! 

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