Music saved my life.

At least, that’s how it felt at age 6 when I discovered I could really sing and people were happy to listen.

Singing has always been as natural as breathing to me. 

So I am really pleased to have released my EP “Love is Like the Rain” in the Fall of 2016, and new music is on the way!

I write what I feel, what I know to be true, even if sometimes it’s a sad song, an angry song, or a song of hope.  

None of us do this perfectly, we just do the best we can. 





After a 16 year break from songwriting “Love is Like the Rain” a 5 song EP, has been released in the fall of 2016. Featuring original songs written, produced, and sung by Julie, two of the songs feature lyrics from her 14 year old son’s poetry with the backing of a 21 piece orchestra. As eclectic and diverse as her music has always been, “Love is Like the Rain” is only the beginning of new music and a return to singing for Julie.



Second Album


Produced along with her college bandmate, bassist Dave Meros and Engineer/Drummer Nick D’Virgilio, Julie recorded all ten tracks in Los Angeles on tape.  Songs such as “Dream” and “I Thank God for the Courage” have been used in theatrical productions as well as backing tracks for Julie’s book “Love First”.

Writing the music, lyrics, playing guitar and singing lead vocals, “Struck By Lightning” reflects the ongoing journey of Julie’s philosophy and take on life.


Struck By Lightning


First Album


“Sheddin’ My Skin”, the first original music CD from Julie, was recorded in November of 1997 at various studios in Manhattan, NY with Beth Ravin as producer.  Members of Suzanne Vega’s backup band as well as Julie and Beth, performed on the 10 original tracks over 3 weeks.  The legendary Tony Visconti of “The Beatles” fame, engineered the vocals.  Released in January of 1998, “Sheddin’ My Skin” reflects the 20’s and 30’s of Julie’s life, with many of her songs inspired by her son, Dustin Brown. 




Upcoming & Past Shows


July 29th, 2017

Honolulu, HI

Julie Caitlin Brown performance of her latest EP, “Love Is Like The Rain” at Comic Con Honolulu at 7:30pm

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